How To Make Mondays Easier

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How To Make Mondays Easier
While it’s important to unplug and recharge during the weekends, it’s also important to prepare for the week ahead. Are you always struggling to transition from Sunday to Monday? Don’t fret! Here’s how to make Mondays easier:

Relax on Sunday night
Go to bed a half hour earlier than you usually would. Use aromatherapy to relax you to sleep, do some meditation before bed, or even read a great book. Have a Sunday wind down routine that makes you well-rested for Monday.

Meal Prep
Trying to eat healthier? Don’t have a lot of time to cook during the week, but want to avoid spending money on eating out? Cook on the weekends, and prepare meals for the week in tupperware. Do so for your kids too, and add a variety of foods so you don’t get bored!

Wake up earlier to round up the kids
Mondays are probably the toughest day of the week for the family, so expect your children to be tired. Find ways to get them excited for their school day. Maybe every Monday morning you have waffles for breakfast or something else they love. Maybe you coordinate a carpool with your kids’ parents so they get to see their friends in the morning. Either way, Mondays will be a lot easier if you create something for your kids to look forward to.

Wake up earlier to do what you love
Whether it’s for 15 minutes or an hour, do something solitary for yourself even before rounding up the family. Listen to music and meditate, or exercise. Especially if you work at a busy office, it’s important to keep some of that weekend relaxation time throughout the week.

Have your essentials
It’s Monday, so why not let yourself have your favorite tea or coffee drink in the morning? Maybe it’s a green smoothie or a muffin. Either way, spoil yourself a little. Also, why not decide to wear your favorite work outfit and bring all your favorite office supplies. Personalize your day as often as you can. It’ll result in great work-life blending.

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