How To Keep Up Confidence and Motivation

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How To Keep Up Confidence and Motivation
Every office and individual has their ups and downs. You can maintain your office momentum and confidence with these simple tricks:

Build on the momentum of existing accomplishments
Once you’ve celebrate your current wins, segway that into creating motivation for your next wins. Have a meeting where you breakdown what made this go right, and what you want to add on for your next projects. How can you elevate your projects higher?

Give individuals specific tools and tasks
While everyone should be working towards common goals, take heed of each of your employees’ strengths. If one employee is especially good at details and planning, give them the right advice and tasks to thrive.

Encourage and/or assign mentorship
If anything can bring your team together, it’s literally bringing them together. Pair up newer employees with more experienced employees. Provide a space where they can learn, bounce ideas off each other. Or, just pair up employees of differing yet complimentary strengths.

Give timely feedback
If something isn’t working, say it right away. This doesn’t have to feel too authoritative or strict. Simply point out that your team can improve and nip an issue in the bud before it grows bigger.

Always give recognition
Recognize good work, recognize good effort, recognize teamwork. Whether it’s through incentives or simple compliments, it’s important for employees to know that what they’re doing is working.

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