How To Work The Room As An Introvert

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How To Work The Room As An Introvert
Interestingly enough, our world is full of external interaction, which is why it seems to be important that we all practice extroversion. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is supposed to be an extrovert. On the contrary, many others are introverts, who have learned to be outgoing when need be. How can you remain true to your introverted self but at the same time stand out?

Recognize your strengths as a listener and thinker
More than likely, introverted folks are great at taking in lots of information and thinking about things deeply. This is very important in an office setting. Sure, you do need those leaders whose energy electrifies the room. However, you equally need a leader who listens and can plan strategically. You can stand out in meeting by simply listening to others, delegating tasks, asking questions, and planning. We may take it for granted, but leadership is very much playing a supportive role.

Capitalize on your ability to work in small groups
While you can always delegate and listen in larger meetings, small group meetings may be where you feel the most comfortable. One-on-one’s can be especially beneficial for your employees. Sometimes, these can even be more effective than meetings. Your employees will appreciate the focus.

Get out of your comfort zone, but also have one to go back to
Push yourself to be more outgoing. Afterall, you were hired for a reason. Have confidence in your abilities and keep striving towards getting better. However, as an introvert you naturally do need some time to recharge. Make sure you measure your energy right. Close the office door at specific times of the day to work on things without interruption or to regain your energy. Then, designate other times of the day to having your door open.

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