Unusual Employee Complaints

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Unusual Employee Complaints You’re Glad You Don’t Need To Deal With
Working in HR or generally as an office leader can be tough. Sure, you get similar complaints all the time - whether that be about pay, benefits, etc. But every office is unique and comes with it’s own slew of weird problems. What’s been your weirdest complaint? Here are a few funny (and odd) office issues from real HR professionals. (taken from blog.namely.com):

“Outside of our building is a very small lake. Employees will often spend time walking around it when they need a break. There are plenty of ducks floating around with their ducklings, but there are also some sizable geese that can get aggressive if provoked. Apparently walking near them can be quite provoking, because I received a complaint from an employee about a goose attack.

The goose chased after the employee, nipping at his legs. The employee demanded that the geese be ‘taken care of,’ and I had to politely explain that our company had nothing to do with lake maintenance and walking around the geese might be the best solution.” - Alec, Connecticut

Office Curses
“I had one employee refuse to enter the workplace because of a voodoo curse! Apparently, this isn't such a rare occurrence in Haiti, but it was new to me. From what I recall, it was resolved when the employee was allowed to access the workplace using a different door.” - Matt, New York

Pen Clutter
“I had an employee complain that his manager would leave pens laying out all the time.” - Corey, Indiana

“An employee told me he didn't trust the water filtration system and asked to be provided with different water.” - Beth, California

“I once had an employee complain that another employee was being too nice to them.” - April, Pennsylvania

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