How To Take A Break From Tech The Right Way

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How To Take A Break From Tech The Right Way
These days, people everyone are going back and forth between feeling too tech dependent and at the same time being appreciative of tech innovations. It’s an odd balance, but the balance is necessary for one’s health. No, you don’t have to cut tech cold turkey. Here’s how to take a break from tech the right way:

Schedule your tech use
Are you just relying on willpower to stop going on social media? That’s not a bad thing, but if you really want to kick your tech-dependency, make a plan. Obviously, you may need to use it at work. Use your tech at work only when needed and used productively - not just when you’re bored. Also, sometimes emails can be more effective that in-person conversations or phone calls. However, do recognize the times you don’t need the internet, your phone, etc. And when you’re home, try to give yourself a time limit - you use the internet for only an hour, you only go on social media for 5 minutes, etc.

Turn off notifications
Of course, if you have urgent emails then you can keep those on. However, what about your social media and other apps? Do you constantly get notifications from your favorite shopping app? Turn off the notifications and set aside a time to check them later. Sometimes we get used to checking notifications to relieve boredom. In actuality, we create a dependency on them to avoid being present.

Plan non-tech activities
Don’t know how you’ll entertain yourself on a tech cleanse? Well, what activities do you love to do that don’t require tech? At work, this can mean just having a conversation with a co-worker, organizing papers, cleaning up/helping out where necessary, taking a walk, stretching. At home, this could mean exercising, spending time with your family, board games, etc. Don’t just rely on your phone or your laptop to fill open time. Go do something!

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