Stop Working Robotically, Improve Your Health

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Stop Working Robotically, Improve Your Health
Okay, so you have had your routine down and you’re quite comfortable with it. You wake up at the same time, take the same breaks, work at the same pace, every day. It works for you. But from time to time, you feel a bit...robotic. You may not even realize it. And actually, this can create low energy and motivation over time, which could deter your work. Here’s how to stop working robotically and improve your health:

Make a change once in a while, even if it’s planned
You have your daily routines and you keep the same pace because, well, it’s easy. However, keep in mind that work shouldn’t always be easy. It doesn’t have to be hard, but you should encourage healthy, career-growing challenges. So maybe in the midst of your regular projects, you ask your boss if you can work on something bigger every month or so. What can you help with? How can you challenge yourself, even just a little? Your boss will also admire your initiative.

Remember your passion
Are you working at a job you love? Can you ignite passion into your job even if it isn’t your ideal job yet? Of course you can. No matter your circumstances, you can always learn to thrive instead of just survive. You’ll be much happier if you do. So make it a point to get to know your co-workers better or at least learn to enjoy their company. Get office supplies that you like, create a desk that feels home-y, put some extra gusto into your work. Try to one-up yourself from yesterday.

Create bigger goals
Robotic work comes from being stagnant. What can you do to increase your work tenacity? Try out new ideas. Maybe you have in the past and they haven’t worked out, or maybe you surpassed them. Brainstorm with your co-workers - what else can you do to maximize your projects? How can you innovate and get create? Even if it’s just something to do with your in-office decor or team building. Add some spice to your work life. Don’t let it feel robotic! Your work and your overall health will improve as a result.

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