How To Run Efficient Meetings

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How To Run Efficient Meetings
We’ve all had those meetings that really could’ve been emails. But as an office leader, it seems necessary to have a chance for the team to come together to discuss things openly. Here’s how to make that happen productively:

Prepare meeting items
Yes, you do want a free-flow of communication that isn’t forced. However, you do need some structure or else you may miss something important. Pre-plan important items you must discuss and tack on a miscellaneous item where anything else not planned can be discussed. Don’t go into a meeting just waiting for your employees to bring up an issue. They may not want to if it isn’t on the table. Make clear objectives for your meetings.

Encourage communication from each team
Is your meeting with different department teams or individuals? Either way, make sure that they are there for a reason - each team member should have an important to part play in the meeting. Otherwise, why are they there? Try to send your meeting items to your employees beforehand so they have news or topics to discuss.

Make timely decisions
What if you’re debating an important topic in your meeting? You should know how to make decisions as a leader, without letting the room argue until they get exhausted. Make a pro’s and con’s list, take stock of your timelines and goals. Then put it to a vote, and make your final decision. It’s not easy, but it is efficient.

If anything, meetings exist to update your team on each other’s items, as well as problem solve and brainstorm. You’re able to discuss individual concerns with your co-workers individually. So discuss the bigger picture items that each employee should tackle in the meetings. Then take each team or individual aside and check-in with them as well.

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