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Community Spotlight: Turning Point Foundation
At Crossroads, we love to do our part in the community - whether that be through providing our staffing services or finding volunteer opportunities. Not only do we serve to help others find the right jobs for them, we also like to see others live their best, healthy lives outside of their careers.

A great organization that helps people live their best lives is Turning Point Foundation. Located in Ventura, CA, it serves more than 1,000 clients each year through its shelter, supported housing and rehabilitation programs. This wonderful organization is the only non-profit agency in Ventura county that addresses the critical community support needs of mentally ill adults.

Turning Point recognizes that people with mental illnesses can and do recover by making positive decisions to take responsibility and become great members of the community. Many people deal with these issues alone, due to factors such as myths and negative stigmas.

Turning Point’s programs address the full range of human needs, including: a homeless shelter to meet basic physical and safety needs; supported housing to provide decent, affordable housing; and rehabilitation and socialization centers to provide meaningful, productive activities, companionship and a sense of purpose.

How can you get involved? Volunteer, donate, and educate yourself about these topics using resources provided by Turning Point!

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