How To Get Enough Rest

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How To Get Enough Rest
Sleep. It’s something many working professionals wish they had more of, yet often struggle to come by. But is it really worth it to cut your sleep to ensure more productivity? Does it work? And what if you get enough sleep, but you generally don’t get enough rest? Here’s how to make sure you do:

Take real breaks
Again, getting your 8 hours of sleep is definitely helpful, but doing so and then proceeding to take no breaks at all during the day may make it ineffective. You don’t want your night’s sleep to be the only time of day you get to rest. Don’t burn yourself out, otherwise your productivity will probably deter. Instead, create time increments for yourself to take breaks. For example, make it a goal to finish the first part of your project in two hours. Then take a 15 minute break.

Active rest
Sure, coming home and eating dinner in front of the television is relaxing yet can sometimes make you feel more tired. Instead of letting yourself slump into your fatigue, why not regain your energy again? Whether it’s a run outside or simple stretching, do engage in an active rest. This is a great way to wind down. Plus, if you do exercise and move regularly, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Schedule some pampering
Yes, a massage and spa day sounds gratuitous. But make no mistake -- this kind of treatment can do wonders to your ability to relax and become more productive! A regular massage - as little as once a month - can actually be quite helpful. Especially, if you hold a lot of tension in your body as a result of stress. Physical and mental tension are quite intertwined. If you try to ease out one, the other will definitely benefit. At Crossroads, we’ve actually had a masseuse come in to give massages to our staff! Also, simple spa meditation and relaxation will clear your head and keep your mind fresh for your next projects. Spa and massage discount coupons are everywhere! So go ahead and get that massage -- you do indeed deserve it.

Plan some vacations
No, you will not seem less committed to your work if you’re planning your vacation -- as long as you plan it right. What’s your budget look like? And, can you afford to at least take short-distance vacations for a shorter amount of time? For example, let’s say you take a “vacation” quarterly. Maybe that looks like one more expensive, farther distance trip. Then, you can plan three other trips just outside your state or to getaway such as a ski trip. Plan these way ahead of time! Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but it’ll also ensure that you indeed have real rests in between busy quarters. Plus, the earlier you plan, the easier it is to work around your schedule (you’ll find cheaper travel and lodging deals, too!). Previous studies we’ve posted on our website have shown that not using up yearly vacation time can cause even more stress and subsequent low productivity.

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