How To Stand Out At Work

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How To Stand Out At Work
Whether you’re a workplace leader or a novice, there is always a way to step up your work habits and stand out. While many people think they hold “small” positions, a few others have found ways to make every small task something important and well-done. Here’s how to really stand out at work:

Have a good attitude
Simple, yet sometimes quite overlooked. If there is one kind of co-worker that every employee appreciates, it’s someone with a good attitude. No, this doesn’t have to appear overly eager (and thus ingenuine). Instead, simply being a willing, focused, and attentive person is a good start. Then, take it up a notch. Can you help your fellow co-worker with some quick tips on their project? Or can you reach out and ask for help, and be appreciative for the great learning opportunity? Can you simply ask, “how was your weekend?” to you co-workers? Can you offer to help out a little extra at the office in general? These can-do habits show great energy and reflect an employee who has the ability to grow.

Build camaraderie
Notice a lack of team-building opportunities at work? Or, have a great idea or event that could really bring your team together? Why not take initiative and get it going! Whether it’s a workshop or a 5k walk for charity, everyone loves a chance to engage and learn more about each other. Not only is this great for the team, but it’ll make you stand out as a leader. Can you create a fun in-office incentive competition that’ll boost productivity? Do it!

Share your ideas, and listen to others’ ideas
Do you see projects or work habits that aren’t productive to your office? Do you have ideas of your own that you’d like to share but aren’t sure everyone else would be on board? Well, it never hurts to speak up -- at least you could see if something is helpful. So why not bring up your thoughts at the next meeting. Or, especially if it’s better for your manager, talk to your manager one-on-one. This will definitely help you stand out, plus it’ll show your commitment to the work.

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