Eye-Opening Productivity Statistics

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Eye-Opening Productivity Statistics
According to WorkGroups.com, the Bureau of Labor found that, “Americans spend more time at work than they do sleeping.” Of course, even those longer work hours aren’t necessarily more productive. Here are a few eye-opening productivity statistics that may make you rethink how you approach your work-life balance:

Facebook use
Two full workdays is the amount of time we devote to Facebook on a monthly basis.

More than 90% of adult Americans spend 15-18 hours/month on the site.

Office Temperature
- 65 – 70 degrees is the ideal office temperature to spur productivity

- Overly cold temperatures in the office increase feelings of sadness and decrease productivity.

- Experts suggest the work temperature sweet spot is between 65F and 70F.

Time Spent In Meetings
- Employees spend an hour a day in meetings, for a total of 31 hours/month.

- Almost half of employees believed meetings to be the number one time-waster at the office.

Summer Productivity
- We’re 20% less productive when summer hits.

- A study by Captive Network found that workplace productivity dropped 20% and attendance dropped 19% in the summer months.

- Workers are also 45% more likely to be distracted during the summer.

Peak Performance
- Productivity and performance are at their peak during uninterrupted 90-minute intervals.

- A study by Health Advocate found that one million workers miss work each day due to Stress

- This absenteeism costs employers an estimated $600 per worker each year.

Exercise before work
- 15% is the productivity boost you’ll enjoy if you exercise before work.

- The American Psychological Association reports that employees are more productive on days where they exercise before work.

- The study also found that physically active employees were less likely to develop job burnout and depression.

Sleep Deprivation
- A study from Harvard University found that American companies lose almost $65B annually because of employee sleep deprivation.

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