What Really Motivates Your Millennial Co-Workers

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What Really Motivates Your Millennial Co-Workers
As Millennials begin to be the core norm of the workplace, other employees are starting to take notice that this generation aren’t exactly what the media and theorists say they’d be. From lazy to distracted, similar comments have been made about every new generation to the workforce. So what is really motivating millennials? Here are some common myths about Millennials, debunked (taken from purpleinkllc.com):

Millennials aren’t more lazy than other generations
While older generations see younger groups and their video games, tablets, laptops, etc. as lazy, most Millennials are still hard workers. According to purpleinkllc.com, research shows that Millennials are in fact, willing to work long hours and weekends for success. In fact, one third of them work every day during their vacations. 99% indicated that competition motivates them to get up in the morning.

Millennials aren’t self-absorbed
While social media has certainly increasing the amount of self-consciousness for Millennials, it’s essentially the same for all social media users. Despite all the selfies and status updates, 84% of Millennials indicated that making a difference in the world is more important than recognition.

Only 1% of Millennials marked fame as important. Sixty-three percent think it’s their responsibility to care for an elderly parent, and 52% feel that being a good parent is one of their most important life goals.

Millennials aren’t entitled
As of current, Millennials are indeed more likely to seek feedback from managers of other generations, as is normal in a lower-level status in the workforce. However, they also value mentorship, as opposed to feeling entitled. About 75% would like a mentor to learn from older generations. Many Millennials joined the workforce during the so-called “Great Recession,” and as a result, compromised and were left with lower pay, fewer benefits, and working from a less than convenient location.
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