Tips For Work-Life Balance

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Tips For Work-Life Balance
Whether you have a 9-5 job or even work from home, work-life balance can be really difficult. Maybe your office habits poorly affect your health goals, or maybe your personal life is stealing your workplace motivation. How can you keep up with everything, without it all spilling over? Here’s are a few tips:

Manage your time, but not all at once
So, you started a new 9-5 job at a great firm. Wonderful! But it’ll also require a new commute, a different schedule for your hobbies and family, not to mention all new systems at the job itself. So maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Whenever you’re making a change to your schedule, take some time to adjust. Maybe you opt for a babysitter or daycare during the week, but just for this first week. Then you’ll go back to trading school pick-ups between you and your spouse. Maybe you do some at home workouts instead of your usual hour or so at the gym, just so that you can take the time to rest after work, only first this week. Then you can slowly start adding to your schedule as you get the hang of your routine.

Look for overlap opportunities
Don’t have time to catch up over coffee? Wanted to save money and be healthier anyway? Why not invite your friends and co-workers to a workout class or a bike ride around the park. You’ll catch up, keep up with your exercise routine, plus you won’t be compromising your goals. Are there other opportunities where you can overlap? Can you plan on dropping off the kids to a sleepover while you go on that yoga retreat? Make it fun for everyone!

Take real breaks at work
You’ll be amazed at how much taking a real, absolutely no-work lunch break will re-energize you. Make a pact with your co-workers to eat healthier, at least during the workday. Stock up on healthy snacks, and eat them during breaks. This will not only help you with your health, but it’ll keep you energized during your workday. Take a walk around the building, do a bit of office yoga, talk about nothing office-related during lunch.

Enjoy your weekends
Can you carve out time for a little weekend trip, if even just 2 or 3 hours away? Often, people are stressed out at work because they refuse to take their vacation. If you’re working at a good pace, you shouldn’t feel so burdened by work that you can’t take a vacation. But if it’s not within reach, enjoy your weekends. Make sure you take much-needed self-care time - exercise, be in nature, spend time with your family and friends. Work-life balance doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes all you need to do is learn how to relax.

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