Hydrating Right For Your Body

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Hydrating Right For Your Body
It’s a simple yet commonly overlooked concept - hydration. Many know that you’re supposed to drink 8oz of water 8 times a day. But is that always true? Also, how fast and how consistently should you really be hydrating? Are there consequences to hydrating “wrong”? Here are the facts, as taken from LiveStrong.com:

Why Hydration Matters
Of course, we can’t live without water, it’s what our body is made of! But did you know, that just a little bit of water loss can cause stir up issues in your body? You only need to lose 2-4% of your body’s water before your muscles lose strength. Besides muscles, every organ and cell in your body requires water or adequate hydration to function properly.

How Much Do You Really Need?
While the amount is important, it’s the frequency that matters most. That means drinking enough water in intervals - when you wake up, with meals, while snacking, before and after a workout, etc. Also, according to Livestrong, the amount of water needed is 9 glasses daily for women and 12 glasses daily for men! This deviates from the normal 8 glasses a day. Also about 20 of your hydration/water comes from food. Fruits, veggies, etc. are all important in maintaining a good diet - but keep in mind, this is in addition to the 9 or 12 glasses noted above! Every person, depending on their health, age, fitness level, bowl system, etc. may need to adjust their hydration intake according to their personal needs. Check with a health professional.

Best Modes Of Hydration
Tried and true water is always the best option. Many sports drinks are filled with sugar or unnatural ingredients that, while actually keeping you hydrated, host other issues for your health. In addition to water, try low sugar fruit and vegetable juices. Some foods are naturally better for hydration, such as coconut milk and water. Also, avoid high sodium or caffeinated foods and beverages, as they make increase dehydration.

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