How Perfectionism Gets You In Trouble

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How Perfectionism Gets You In Trouble
Perfectionism is sometimes unavoidable in the most well-meaning of us. Not only do you want to produce your best work, you also want to contribute positively to the people around you. Sometimes, however, too much perfectionism turns into the opposite effect. Here are a few ways perfectionism gets you in trouble, and what to do instead:

It’s hard to accept feedback
Worked hard all week, checked and double-checked everything to a tee, yet still get some critical feedback? Yes, it’s frustrating. After all, you were careful and meticulous! Don’t worry. Your hard work is appreciated. Keep in mind, however, that things are always subject to change and critic - whether it’s necessary or not. Denying constructive feedback isn’t helpful. In fact, listening to constructive criticism can broaden your perspective - improving your work that much more. So take feedback with a grain of salt, you may learn something new.

You’re a difficult team player
Now, everyone needs a perfectionistic player on their team. Otherwise, no one would be holding down the fort while everyone else lets their ideas run wild. However, be wary of when your perfectionism starts to alienate you from the rest of the group. Now, if you have an idea or method that you wholeheartedly stand by, make sure you’re able to communicate that clearly, in a way that will include the rest of the team. But also, make sure you open your mind up to others’ ideals as well. Who knows? Maybe a combination of the two will be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

You may seem unbelievable
Now, there is certainly a difference between being proud of yourself, and bragging too much. If you’ve done a job well done, by all means, you deserve to celebrate and be proud. However, if you seem to toot your own horn too much, especially when others deserve recognition, this gets not only frustrating, but unbelievable. Sometimes, people overcompensate for a lack of confidence in their work by overestimating their achievements. If you do so, many will not believe you. Either way, a job well done should never go unnoticed - as long as it was done so genuinely.

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