Health Tips For Computer Desk Sitters

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Health Tips For Computer Desk Sitters
Do you sit in front of your computer most of the week? Well, so does most of the world - whether it’s at work or at home. Now, we’ve given you several tips for keeping healthy in the office before. Here are a few more simple tips and tricks to try to make sure you’re keeping healthy, taken from

Adjust your computer screen correctly
This sounds meticulous, but you’ll be amazed how important your computer’s position is. According to, the top of your computer screen should be level with your eyes. You should have your eyes looking down about 10 degrees. Otherwise, you’ll end up adapting by moving your neck or head in potentially unhealthy ways. This could cause neck and backaches, or even dry eye syndrome.

Keep your chin down
When you’re sitting at your computer, does your back overarch and your head stick out? Craning your neck forwards tends to put pressure on your neck and spine. suggest to make an almost double chin posture with you neck. This keeps your neck and spine in line.

Have short walking or standing breaks
Sure, you can’t afford to take that much time out of your workday to take a break. But every little bit helps. Set aside two 5 minutes breaks in your day to take a short walk around the office or stand. Suggest a walking meeting to your boss and keep it productive while also beneficial to your health.

Do exercises for stability and posture
Set aside time to exercise everyday before or after work. Make sure your workouts are done with great posture and promote strength training. This alone with help you keep better posture at your desk. Exercise such as pilates or yoga are great for your core while also promoting good spinal and overall postural health. Be wary of exercises that strain your body or create muscle imbalances.

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