Tips For Successful Employee Onboarding

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Tips For Successful Employee Onboarding
So, you’ve gone through your hiring process and picked the right person for your team. Now, it’s time to solidify that decision - onboarding. Take an honest look at your current employee orientation methods. Do you give a tour of the office and then e-mail them the rest of the information? Do you give them more information as the week goes forward? Either way, here are some helpful tips that will enhance your onboarding process:

Tailor it to the new employee
Yes, this sounds meticulous, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long and will be worth it in the end. Of course, you will need to create different onboarding experiences depending on the position. You should arrange for your new accounting assistant to speak with yourself, the finance head, and any other manager they’ll be working with. The new IT manager should have an extensive discussion with the previous manager’s supervisor - which could be you, about previous leadership methods. Either way, every department and position level will need different, vital information.

Set goals with the new employee
Now, the employee will certainly benefit from a past and present view of their position - what worked and what didn’t work. Make sure you also take the extra time to brainstorm ideas that they might have brought up in their interview, or go over special skills they bring to the table. Set some goals for their first month, then next 3 months, and for their first year. Maybe it’s vague as of now, but encourage them to check-in with their goals in your feedback meetings to come.

Welcome them to the whole team
Whether it’s just one new employee or four, it’s always great to make them feel not only familiar with their job, but with the entire team. Have a special staff meeting with snacks or a catered lunch, do an icebreaker activity, etc. Create something fun and welcoming to make them feel that they not only won a new job, but a new community.

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