Little Ways To Build Confidence

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Little Ways To Build Confidence
It’s always great to boost your self-esteem and your confidence. Whether that’s at work or in daily life, you should be proud of your accomplishments and have faith that you can succeed. Here are a few ways to keep your confidence up:

Don’t be afraid to share
Sometimes, confidence is just in communication. Make small talk with every new employee, networker, or person you meet when you have time. Have a fun anecdote to share? Going on a trip or already went on one? Trying a new hobby? Make conversation, tell a story. Realize that your life is actually quite interesting.

Show interest, make an effort
Networking with a potential new client? Don’t just promote your product. Ask about them. What is a favorite success story at their office? In their own career? Are they planning a trip? Did they meet someone interesting at that conference? Always ask about someone else - it not only makes you seem confident, but it also makes you likable and more trustworthy.

Replace worry with action
Do you tend to second guess yourself a lot? Do you find yourself apologizing or taking back statements often when you’re in a discussion? Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, try to correct any mistakes you may make by putting in the effort to take action. Do something. Also, don’t let yourself overthink or sit in worry for too long. Replace it with active planning and troubleshooting.

Let go of negativity
This is a big one. Often, low confidence is just the result of an abundance of negativity. While it’s good to plan for worse sometimes, it’s hard to constantly be living in anticipation for something bad to happen. Instead, learn to keep a positive, hopeful attitude.

Get out of your comfort zone
Have trouble with public speaking? Take a speech or improv class. Tired of your daily routine? Switch it up, try a new hobby. Either way, a lot of low confidence stems from not doing what you’d like to do. Learn new skills, build confidence from your new abilities.

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