Let Go Of Perfectionism and Improve Your Health

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Let Go Of Perfectionism And Improve Your Health!
Stress can very much be rooted in perfectionism. After all, you wouldn’t be so worried if you didn’t think you could do better, right? The cycle of perfectionism can take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. It can create tension and overall stress. Here’s how to let it go and improve your health:

Keep your vision, focus on small victories
Perfectionists are bogged down by the idea that they aren’t doing their best. They can almost despair if things don’t go exactly how they’ve imagined them to go. Having a long term goal is important and it will ultimately drive your passions. However, don’t let the impatience and perfectionistic parts of yourself get down if you don’t achieve them yet. Instead, let your shorter term goals give you fulfillment. Celebrate the “smaller” victories - they are the reason your bigger goal is attainable in the first place.

Practice failing well
Repeat this in your mind until it sticks: Failure is part of the process. Don’t be ashamed of not getting something right the first, second or however many times. Instead, focus on improvement. Your failures are just a measure of what you can improve on, they are never a measure of your potential. Don’t avoid situations where you could fail just because you’re afraid to. Fail correctly by learning and improving each time.

Fail in front of others
Having a setback and letting others know about it can be hard. What if they think you’re unqualified or what if they don’t want to work with you? Well, as mentioned, just focus on your improvement. Everyone fails yet a lot of time, we don’t notice or we never knew it. Don’t let others’ opinions of your journey matter. Instead, surround yourself with a team that will help you rebuild after setbacks.

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