Inexpensive Wellness Program Ideas

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Inexpensive Wellness Program Ideas
Several companies with huge budgets are starting to create wellness packages that you wouldn’t believe. However, not everyone has a the budget to create such programs. Instead, here are a few inexpensive and totally effective wellness programs you can do:

Onsite wellness days
At Crossroads, we’ve had “Spa Days” where we had a professional masseuse come in for the day and give employees 15 minute massages. Not only was it effective in terms of physically wellness, it was also a nice treat for employees that didn’t require a full-priced spa day package. You can also do things like guided meditations, yoga sessions, motivational speakers, etc.

Create de-stress zones
Even if you don’t have an empty room in the office, why not designate a corner for de-stressing? A quiet zone such as a comfy chair with magazines can be a great place to take short breaks. Also, if an employee is stressed out and say, needs space, this is a great area where they can retreat to without feeling other employees’ eyes on them.

Employee assistance
If your health plans don’t cover therapy or your employee simply can’t afford it, maybe you can bring a professional in for a day that can spend time leading a stress detox seminar with your employees. They could also set up short term appointments for one-on-one sessions.

Team health challenges
Maybe your team signs up for monthly wellness challenges, and the winner gets a one month membership to a gym or a yoga class? They can compete for does the most steps on their pedometer, who brings healthy lunches most frequently, etc.

Better workstation ergonomics
How can you improve your workplace so that it is better suited for posture and wellness? A treadmill or standing desk can get pricey. However, pay attention to things such as desk chair height, and encourage good posture. Also, think about the quality of the furniture you have in your office from the get go.

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