How To Decide Between Great Candidates

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How To Decide Between Great Candidates
So, you’ve gone through your hiring process and you’re now down to two great candidates. Congratulations, you have a problem most HR managers would dream of having! How do you choose between good candidates?

Put “need” above “fit”
Maybe one candidate fits the exact job description you sent out. They have the right skills, the right culture fit, and experience. However, the other candidate may add some sort of diversity to their background. They have added volunteer or networking experience. They have a uniquely engaging personality. Maybe you actually need more of this in your workplace? Determine which candidate would add more to what you need in the office.

Get references
Yes, a lot of HR managers make do without references. However, this is always helpful, especially when coming down to a tight decision. Maybe one candidate failed to mention a project they were either very successful or unsuccessful at following through with. Whatever it may be, a good reference can always create an impact on your original view of the candidate.

Who would you rather have lunch with?
Yes, sometimes two candidates are so alike in experience and background that it’s hard to determine just one paper. To deal with this, make sure that the way you conduct your interviews also provides enough personality information for the candidate. Add in a fun question or two in your application and interviews. Whoever meshes well with your company culture will definitely stand out.

Keep in contact with the other candidate
Whether or not you pass on a candidate, it’s always important to keep cordial and communicative. In general, leaving poor communication with candidates can create bad media reviews for your company. And, if this candidate was almost good enough to fit the current position, you should keep in contact for future roles or networking opportunities.

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