Helpful Money Saving Tips

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Helpful Money Saving Tips
Each of us, whether we consider ourselves money savvy or not, have run into instances of tight budgets. So you were careful, but you just couldn’t pass up that last big purchase. Want to relieve some of the stress of budgeting your money? Here are a few quick and simple tricks:

Scan your account activity frequently
Go on a trip to a new city and don’t remember making that hefty purchase? Scan your account to make sure you hopefully aren’t getting fraudulent card charges. Also, do a regular check of your bank statements and activity to keep yourself in check. Maybe it’ll open your eyes up to some unnecessary habits -- did you really eat out that much this week? Could you choose less expensive products? Review your spending history, it should be enough to motivate saving.

Plan your withdrawals and deposits
Some banks will limit your withdrawal history, in addition to other spending habits on your account. This may be annoying, but in general, it is for the account holder’s safety. Instead of going crazy with the withdrawals over that vacation weekend, plan to withdraw a certain amount and keep it in a safe place.

Take advantage of bargains
There are now tons of apps for money saving. From personal budgeting to discount websites and coupon deals, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be trying these out! Especially when it comes to spa visits or a nice dinner, you can always find a great, discounted deal. Plus, you’ll be able to try out a new restaurant or service.

DIY when you can
Notice you’ve spent a lot of coffee or smoothies lately? Green juices are great for your health, but they’re also expensive when you buy them from a store or juice bar. Why not buy the ingredients for your favorite drinks and make them at home? Not only will this save money from eating out so much, it’ll also be a fun opportunity to be creative. So why not learn how to make your favorite iced latte yourself? Also, think of all the other things you can do/make yourself: Soaps, cleaning materials, cooking in general, sewing blankets or knitting scarfs, etc.

Reduce your utility use
Take shorter showers, use blankets over heaters when you can. Also, do you really need all the lights turned on in your house? Think of how you’re using your utilities daily. Does your family have a tendency to leave things on, or overuse things? Finding you don’t have time to watch cable, and just watch tv on your laptop instead? Think about letting go of cable. Just a couple of things to consider.

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