How To Stay Self-Motivated

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How To Stay Self-Motivated
For many of us, it’s not too hard to keep motivated because we have several external factors that almost give us no choice: a full-time job, kids, bills, etc. But regardless of those things, there are definitely hobbies and goals we haven’t gotten around to, merely because we weren’t self-motivated enough. Here’s how to keep your motivation from fading:

Don’t overthink it
If you’re an overthinker, you’ve probably heard this dozens of times...and then overthought it. It’s a hard habit to shake, and you don’t have to shake it off totally (it can be useful!). However, sometimes, you just have to take action, without agonizing about planning it out right. Sometimes, going in and taking action, making an affordable mistake, and learning from it is all you need. It’ll be great once you’ve gotten something done. So, set that goal to pitch your business plan and just do it. Otherwise, how will it ever get done?

Set lower-pressure goals
Maybe you want to be absolutely ready and prepared for that big business plan pitch. Okay, sure. But since it’s such a big goal, you get intimidated, and hesitate to continue working on it at all. Keep yourself motivated and become more confident by setting lower-pressure goals. Not only will this keep you active towards your bigger goal, it’ll also give you time to learn from any mistakes or find out what you’re missing. So why not pitch that business plan to two trusted friends first? Or, take a small piece of it and present it first? How can you break your goals into pieces to ensure they’ll get done?

Recognize your work style
Do you lose motivation because you realize you’ll never become the workhorse that your CEO is? Firstly, don’t compare yourself -- everyone has their own work style, and each is important. Secondly, you could always reach that level of success, it just takes becoming self-aware of your boundaries and potential. So, maybe you don’t work through lunch like your co-worker does. However, you could probably create a killer project planning timeline over a couple of days of consistent work. Maybe you perform well in small groups as opposed to bigger ones. Maybe you are a great delegator and manager for the rest of your team. Find your niche, and it’ll surely motivate you.

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