How To Spruce Up Your Office For Optimum Wellness

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How To Spruce Up Your Office For Optimum Wellness
Want to make a change to your office environment, but don’t know where to start? Great! One of the best ways to get the creative, interior decor juices flowing is to make wellness a priority. What kind of atmosphere do you want your office to have? Here are a few ways to spruce up your office that also promote good health:

Motivational wall decor
Have a lot of wall space in your office? Why not turn them from bleak to motivating? With all the negative thoughts that can cross our minds throughout the day, and especially the stressful thoughts that occur at work, we can all use a little motivation. Why not add some motivational posters, artwork, and photographs on your walls? At Crossroads, we vision board filled with motivational quotes brought in by each of our employees. It not only fills the wall with motivation, it also encourages wellness and positive thinking in our staff! Maybe you can also incorporate a similar idea in your office!

Change your lighting
At Crossroads, we switched to LED lighting, which is more energy efficient, as well as easier on the eyes! Oftentimes, harsh lighting can cause stress, as well as migraines. For employees who need to sit in the office for 8 hours a day, this is an important factor to consider. Can you improve the lighting at your office? What about incorporating more natural sunlight, or at least LED lamps for individual desks?

Another great part of the Crossroads office is our use of aromatherapy. This is a simple, cheap, yet highly effective way of promoting office wellness. Just a couple drops of essential oils in a diffuser will liven up with office, revitalizing your employees senses, while also generally creating a cleaner atmosphere. Some great scents that promote good well-being and focus are peppermint, citruses, and other herbs.

Add office plants
On the top floor of a busy office building? Just want to add more nature into your life? Add some office plants! These are a great way to provide more oxygen into your office, while also allowing your employees to get in touch with nature. They also provide a great, short break from work - watering and taking care of plants can be mentally soothing.

Encourage healthy snacks and food
Buy some healthy snacks to have readily available for your employees! Fruits, protein snacks, you name it! Also, why not encourage healthy eating by having potlucks? At Crossroads, we love having healthy food (in addition to other yummy food) potlucks! From juicing to healthier dish alternatives, potluck events can not only give your employees a chance to eat healthier, but it’ll give them more motivation and engagement!

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