How To Get Real Employee Feedback

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How To Get Real Employee Feedback
Like many managers, you’ve probably tried a few different methods of office communication. From one-on-ones to frequent performance reviews, you might have changed around your feedback strategies but still aren’t quite getting the results you’d like. Do you feel as if your employees are still holding back? Get real, honest feedback from your employees. Here’s how:

Be Upfront
Firstly, you need to let your employees feel like they are comfortable communicating with you. Be aware of any preconceived judgments or assumptions you may have for what’s going on with your employees. Always have a good flow of communication regularly, so your employees know to go to you with their concerns. Create an open, direct, and encouraging atmosphere.

Use Open-Ended Questions
Instead of yes or no question, or questions where employees have to pick between options, try more open-ended questions. For example, “Is there anything I can do to communicate better?” and simply, “How are you doing?” are simple yet effective questions that could produce genuine, unique answers.

Be Specific
Now that you’ve included open-ended questions, of course, make sure you do ask specific questions about projects and their personal performance. Both with project teams and individually, get feedback on completed or ongoing projects. Did you notice some rushing on the end of a past project? Do you notice some division of work? Ask your employees about it.

Ask them to evaluate themselves
Yes, a great way to get and give honest feedback is to have have your employees evaluate themselves. Not only will it help give you more insight into your employees, but it’ll help employees become more self-aware. Sometimes, employees aren’t so much as self-focused as they are work and results-focused. Make sure employees are also keeping track of themselves.

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