How To Ensure Good Workplace Communication

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How To Ensure Good Workplace Communication
Of all the reasons behind workplace mishaps, the most common is usually poor communication. Managers and bosses should make communicating a priority in the office. Afterall, without it, how do you know how the office is doing? Here are some ways to ensure good workplace communication:

Set the example
Just like with anything, as a workplace leader, you must first set the example for your employees. Always display the communication you want and expect to see in the office. Say “Hello” and “Goodnight” to your employees. Check-in during the day, be clear, and open. Also, keep your door open to answer questions. Encourage employees to communicate among themselves as well (without getting too off-topic or distracting!).

Be consistent
Do you come up with a communication building workshop for a day, and then get to busy to follow the lessons you’ve learned afterwards? Well, unfortunately this does happen a lot, whether it be because of little time or poor planning. Instead, make it a point to set timely communication habits so that it’s not only consistent, but it’s expected. At least have weekly staff meetings, monthly one-on-ones, and quarterly reviews.

Create your ideal atmosphere
In addition to setting an example, you should also set and keep up a particular tone in your workplace. Do you tolerate employees who offer harsh, unnecessary criticism to other employees? Do you just let workplace arguments solve themselves? Do you step in or wait for your employees to work it out themselves? Set a tone of positive, encouraging workplace interactions. Shut down unnecessary, negative competition between employees - and be aware of it happening. Make it a point to your team that you don’t tolerate office bullies or unhelpful comments. Your office will be much more communicative and productive as a result.

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