Oprah’s Secret To Success

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Oprah’s Secret To Success
As graduation season continues, tons of successful people have been addressing masses of graduates with unique and insightful advice for their futures. Oprah herself gave a commencement speech at Smith College. She shared her personal keys to success (taken from TheMuse.com):

Her Humble Beginnings
Oprah recounted how she rose from humble beginnings to become a media trailblazer and billionaire. She stated, “...that is truly my secret to success.” While we may not be able to imagine it now, the media tycoon was once an entry level employee as well, told she wasn’t going to make it in media. Lo and behold, she is now one of the biggest names in the industry.

“The Power Of Service”
Oprah further revealed that her secret to success if, “the power of service”. She references best-selling author Gary Zukav , who believes that you have to be aware of what you’re good at and what you’re therefore meant to do—that’s what you’re in service of. She recalls she would, “...only do shows that were in alignment with [her] truth”.

“How Can I Be Used?”
Oprah asked the graduates to ask themselves, “how can I be used?” And by this, she means, how can you best use your abilities? It’s not just a matter of being selfless or giving. It’s also a matter of recognizing your true strengths, and recognizing them as your gifts. How can you become your best self? This inevitably will help others. And it will, in the end, create success for you and anyone affected by you.

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