Ways To Ignite Your Creativity

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Ways To Ignite Your Creativity
Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for a new project or you’re racking your brain trying to improve an existing one, creativity is necessary for improvement at work. So how do you get your team’s creative juices flowing? Here are a few simple tricks:

Create guidelines
Sometimes, a broad base to jump off of can be daunting. With endless possibilities, how can you really pinpoint one great idea? Instead, you may ironically need to create some guidelines first. The obvious being, limit your creativity to the scope and restrictions of your project. Sometimes, the extra restrictions will make you resourceful. For example, maybe you need to create more sales tactics. However, you have the same clients, the same prices, and the same type of customers. What new ways can you interact with your network to improve? How can you market your prices differently? How can you make your team work more efficiently?

Recognize problems
As fanatical as the idea of creativity is, in reality, creativity results from doing something differently than it has been done before. Inventions were created as a response to a problem. What problems are you currently facing at work? What haven’t you tried? What have you repeatedly done the same? What have other companies in your industry done differently? Or, what have other companies in your industry done the same, that doesn’t seem to be serving well? Pinpoint areas of improvement. That’s where the creativity will spark.

Try something new
Maybe your company has used some tried and true, standard industry methods for a while now. They’ve kept you afloat, and they’ve helped you retain a steady network. That’s wonderful! Every company has more than one instance where they’d like to push try something new and different. If it’s within your budget, and if your team is on board, why not? Introduce that new software, lead that workshop, try a different office setup. Something new will definitely spark a new, creativity flow in your workplace!

Get real, find a critic
While you should always follow your gut in the end, it’s great to find a realistic, honest soundboard to bounce ideas off of. Why? Because sometimes, too much room for creativity can cause unfocused, disorganized work. How does this help ignite creativity? Well, oftentimes teams can have brainstorming sessions that last for hours, yet nothing actually gets decided on. A dose of realism, and certainly some structured organization, will reel in the good ideas, and cut out unnecessary time-wasters. So make sure there’s always a (trustworthy and reliable) devil’s advocate in the room. The balance will surely help you land on your next big idea.

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