Healthy Habits To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

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Healthy Habits To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life
Everyone knows that starting a health regime is difficult at first. It’s hard to make a complete change to your lifestyle so fast. So why not ease into it by incorporating simple healthy habits into your daily routine? Here are a few tips, from

Eat berries with your breakfast
Still love your waffles and bacon in the morning? Okay, maybe you’ll cut down a tad and incorporate whole wheat, lean protein eventually. For now, you can at least add more nutrient to your meals. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc. are all good for your brain, your digestion, and they help prevent disease. Now, this would be a whole lot more effective if you added it to healthy foods. To start, just add some berries!

Pick at least two green foods to eat a day
Not big on veggies? Well, there must be at least one or two vegetables you like. Have greens at least two times a day (and eventually, more often!). Find some tasty, healthy recipes to incorporate them into. You never know, you could eventually fall in love with all vegetables!

Hydrate first thing in the morning
Do you have coffee before you have water in the morning? Now, coffee does have it’s benefits, but it does tend to dehydrate you. It’s important to drink your water in the morning instead, especially since you’ve spent (hopefully) 8 hours without hydrating. Dehydration could lead to irritation, dry skin, wrinkles, and other issues. We are, after all, mostly made of water. So have at least a glass of water first thing in the morning!

Use more herbs
Do you rely on salt to add flavor to your cooking? Why not add more spice to your life? Incorporating different natural herbs and spices introduces a wide array of health benefits. From peppers to more woodsy herbs, each has influences on your digestion, your immune system, your brain health, and more. Plus, it’s a tasty way to switch up your favorite dishes!

Workout at least 30 minutes a day
Now, this can be a simple walk outside with your dog, a short bike ride, a jog, or even dancing. Whatever it is, get moving, get your blood flowing, and find fun ways to relax without having to sit in front of the television. Too much sitting is bad for you!

Lessen your sugar intake
As you’ve probably heard millions of times, you shouldn’t be eating so much refined sugar. Don’t worry, you can always indulge every once in a while. For now, just try to cut your daily sugar intake. Just have that one cookie today, or replace ice cream with nonfat yogurt.

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