How To Ensure Employee Retention

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How To Ensure Employee Retention
So, you’ve gone through a well-planned hiring process and have a clean-cut onboarding process to boot. How are you going to ensure employee satisfaction and retention? While other factors such as an employee’s personal goals will surely be out of your hands, you can definitely create an atmosphere that promotes retention. How? Ask yourself these four questions:

Are you ensuring quality work hours?
Every office sets different working hours, whether that is a traditional or a more untraditional approach. However, despite the length of time worked, the most important aspect of a workday is just that - the work. Employees will want to stay at a workplace that creates fulfilling projects that they’ll look forward to working on. Are you making a workplace that makes the best use of work hours? Even flexible work hours are ineffective if the project isn’t well organized. To ensure quality work, create well laid out, quality projects and goals.

Are you looking for culture fit or position fit alone?
Backtrack to your hiring process for a moment. Now of course, you’ll want the perfect fit for your open position. However, if you haven’t emphasized your office’s atmosphere to the candidate, you both won’t know if they’re a cultural fit. For example, maybe a candidate would prefer a more traditional office instead of a startup-like office. Maybe the candidate dislikes cubicles and would prefer an open office environment. It all depends on them. Make sure your workplace culture is clear in the interview and even on your social media and job application.

Are there learning opportunities?
Now, you’ll likely introduce projects that are unfamiliar to any new candidate, but after learning the ropes, are there more opportunities to learn new things? Even as a manager or workplace leader, regularly attending conferences is important to learn what new innovations and technologies are being made in your field. Why not have a monthly workshop in your office about the subjects you’ve learned? What other ways can you enhance your employees’ learning?

Are you updating your work model?
In addition to learning opportunities, it’s important for workplace leaders to learn about important changes and progressions in their industry. Are your methods becoming outdated? Have you taken inventory regarding your project models and other workplace practices? Retention remains when an company continues to show growth and expansion.

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