How To Know You’re Doing A Great Job

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How To Know You’re Doing A Great Job
Okay, so maybe your office is a bit hectic at the moment and you haven’t had a lot of feedback opportunities. Or maybe you’ve just started a new job and you haven’t had a performance review yet. So, how do you know your work is as great as you think it is?

Of course, you could always check-in with your boss. You can do so without seeming indecisive by simply asking, “Is there anything else you need from me?”. Show your willingness to help out, and reassure your boss how well you understand their expectations. If anything, more clarity is never a bad idea.

Your Boss Gives You Extra Work
Now, you should always be honest and upfront with your workload. But if you can accommodate the extra work your boss gives you, it’s a good sign. Why? Because your boss entrusts you with it. They’ll give you more to do if they feel you’re dependable, and a great worker.

You Are Granted Some Autonomy
Does your boss shy away from micromanaging? Do they give you an assignment and allow you the freedom to make some big decisions? That’s a big indication that they believe you’re doing a great job. However, always be wary of an apathetic boss.

Your Boss Wants You To Represent The Company
Have you been given the opportunity to represent your company at a networking event? At a huge strategic planning meeting? In front of clients or consumers? Firstly, always take these opportunities when they’re given. And also, this is a huge indication that you’re a great employee - whether you’ve been told so or not.

Your Boss Asks For Your Opinion
Now, sometimes your boss just wants to get to know your work style by asking you questions. But either way, this is always a great opportunity. If your boss often run things by you or wants your opinion, it’s a great indication that you’re a significant part of your team.

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