How To Reset Your Health For The New Year

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How To Reset Your Health For The New Year
It’s a new year and you want to start off fresh. That can mean getting fit or simply being healthy. It’s a great time for a health reset! How exactly do you “reset” your health? Start with healthier habits that benefit several aspects of your overall health. These habits will not only get you fit, but help you balance your hormones, boost your immune system, and help keep you feeling young. Here are a few ways to reset your health, from

Go on restrictive diets with caution
Are you a frequent low-carb dieter? Yes, this is beneficial and usually safe and healthy. But, restrictive diets can confuse your body. Low carb eating will make you falsely think you’re craving sweets, when it’s really just healthy carbohydrates. Instead, cut back on starchy carbs and start incorporating yummy veggie recipes into your daily meals instead.

Go easy on stimulants
Have a coffee addiction? Unfortunately, since caffeine is easy to get addicted to, this is all too common. However, caffeine can often make you jittery, anxious, and can suppress your appetite to the point of losing good nutrition. Coffee, some teas, energy drinks, and even some chocolates can interfere with the hormones that provide restful sleep. Cut back and let a nutritious diet give you energy.

Go with natural ingredients
Frequent exposure to unnatural, heavy chemical products in cleaners, skincare, cosmetics, food, and other household items can be very unhealthy. They can interfere with good hormone function, and can also be less effective than natural products. Try organic ingredients instead. You can even look for ways to make your own! Incorporate citrics with essential oils for natural cleaning products, make your own natural skincare products, etc.

De-stress in healthy ways
It can be tempting to relieve stress by watching too much tv or overeating junk food. Find more relaxing, health-boosting ways instead. Exercise, talking to a friend, meditation, making a healthy smoothie, etc.

Sleep better!
If anything, stress and irritation will always result from poor sleep. Inconsistent sleep can actually limit your body’s ability to release the hormones necessary for restoring, repairing, and refreshing cells. This results in aging your body - physically and mentally. Aim for 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night.

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