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The Benefits of Using A Staffing Company
Depending on the situation – a former employee leaves on short notice, you're overloaded with job applicants, the hiring process is taking longer than anticipated – it can be difficult for employers to fill an open position. Hiring processes can drag on for months. Not only does this discourage your staff, but it also discourages applicants. Despite this, many employers won't even consider the support of a staffing company because of cost.

Employers, it is important to weigh the cost of using a staffing agency versus the cost of an unfit employee. You may actually find the cost worth your time. Still unsure? Here are a few reasons why using a staffing company is more beneficial in the long run:

An Efficient Hiring Process
Instead of trying to weed through hundreds of resumes and applications, staffing companies can do all that grunt work for you. Great staffing companies can find well-suited candidates pretty quickly. Posting on popular websites can produce a lot of unqualified applicants. Staffing companies will only contact the most appropriate people to screen before they turn them over to employers to interview.

Avoid Long Term Bad Hires
Employers can evaluate the performance of temporary employees before hiring them full time. Through staffing agencies, they can find great employees to work temporarily or even directly. Sure, employees may have the education and personality for the company, but sometimes they aren't a culture fit. That initial testing period can really show you if you want this person at your company long term.

You Can Stay Productive
If you go weeks to months without filling a position, you're probably making slow progress on projects. You might be delegating extra tasks to staff members in the meantime – who could be a little overwhelmed. As a result, mistakes and loss of productivity can happen easily.

Broader Recruitment Search
Staffing agencies have a large network of clients and talent that they can tap into. They specialize in researching the right industry groups to target and where to find the best candidates. This is what they're made for. Their knowledge of the job search game makes it much easier and faster for them to match the right people to their perfect jobs.

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