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Accreditation Project Leader - Hybrid Remote
Job ID:00004HHJ
Location:CA Santa Barbara
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Pay:$98,951.00 $126,162.00
Hybrid Remote Opportunity Available
Job Description
This position serves under the direction of the Quality Officer to maximize compliance with the prevailing National Committee for Quality Assurance NCQA Managed Care Organization Standards for Health Plan Accreditation. The Accreditation Project Leader is responsible for coordinating, supporting, assessing, and quantifying accreditation readiness. Includes ongoing strategic planning and deployment of processes, enterprise-wide, to achieve and sustain NCQA compliance with all operational accreditation standards. The Accreditation Project Leader proactively provides accreditation subject matter expertise as a trusted resource to departmental leadership and subject matter experts to guide their process development, execution, oversight and performance surveillance to maximize operational excellence. The Accreditation Project Leader supports process refinement and deployment, enterprise-wide, as an accreditation subject matter expert in support of process execution by other departments. The Accreditation Project Leader works in coordination with the Quality Officer, Chief Performance Officer, and all other department leaders to maximize the integration of operational systems across the enterprise to attain and sustain NCQA accreditation and a culture of quality in operations, plan-wide. The Accreditation Project Leader operates under the general management of the Quality Officer. The Accreditation Project Leader also oversees the procurement, productivity and quality of work product of an NCQA Surveyor Consultant contracted to perform two or more mock accreditation surveys to quantify accreditation readiness. Coordinate, convene and support leadership of all relevant departments, enterprise-wide, in their design, implementation and monitoring of processes to maximize compliance with the prevailing NCQA Managed Care Organization Standards for Health Plan Accreditation. To maximize operational excellence, provide NCQA accreditation subject matter expertise proactively as
Skills Required
BA Degree. Knowledge of NCQA Accreditation Standards for Managed Care Organizations. 3 yrs of exp in health care compliance, performance measurement or improvement. Exp in project mgmt or leadership.
Skills Preferred
Formal certification in areas of professional expertise HCC, CPHQ. Exp with HEDIS Compliance Audits Standards. Exp with NCQA Accreditation Survey.