Job Details

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Legal Assistant
Job ID:00004H0Z
Location:CA San Francisco
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 830am to 530pm
Pay:$25.00 $35.00
Great Opportunity in San Francisco
Job Description
Prepare judicial counsel forms and help with discovery documents. Prepare, draft andor finalize notices, letters, and subpoenas and request appropriate service. Schedule depositions, court reporters, interpreters, videographers, experts, witnesses, etc. Assist with trial preparation including preparing exhibits, trial binders, and reports. Perform secretarialadministrative tasks as assigned by attorneys.Offering competitive compensation, your choice of a PPO or Kaiser medical plan, dental, vision, disability and a generous 401k plan. We look forward to hearing from you.
Skills Required
Prior Litigation experience. Able to prepare judicial counsel forms and help with discovery documents.
Skills Preferred
. Familiarity with legal documents is helpful