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Customer Service Representative
Job ID:00004GHN
Category:Customer Service
Location:CA Burbank
Hours:40 Monday Friday 7AM4PM or 730AM 430PM
Pay:$26.00 $30.00
Great career opportunity in Burbank
Job Description
The Customer Service Representative CSR is responsible for follow-up and follow-through on all issues with the order and for the notification to the appropriate personnel of customer responses through closure. This includes requests for delivery accelerations andor decelerations, and any contractual changes. Receives telephone requests for price quotations, purchase orders, order changes, adjustments, and cancellations directly from customers, original equipment manufacturers, and representatives. Achieves and maintains rapport with customers and works to give them the best possible service. Uses customer portals, emails, or phone calls to retrieve customer information, stock status information, the status of purchase orders, and to make changes on customer purchase orders. Ensures that correct codes are used for retrieving and inputting information. Works closely with expeditor in production control regarding deliveries of scheduled shipments. Handles the needs of sales representatives and customers around the world. Prepares forms for price quotations on items and forwards to Management for approval then enters all of the quotation data in to the represented price card. Checks with accounting concerning credit status of customer when adding a new customer or when a customer has reached his current credit limit. Maintains files of active orders and posts activity such as change notices, scheduling changes, partial shipments, and credit changes. Prepares paperwork original purchase order, copies of invoice, and return goods memo to be given to accounting department for credit or debit to be issued. Upon receipt of an order the CSR is to prepare and complete the purchase order checklist and distribute to the appropriate departments. Follows up on all outstanding quotes and completes the quote log with the appropriate response in the won or lost column. Provides customers updates on delivery status and notify customer prior to the time of delivery in instances where
Skills Required
Proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. BA Degree. 3- 5 yrs progressive customer service exp in related field. Portal Experience Parker, Honeywell or Boeing a must. Good communication skills, verbal and written. US Citizen or Perm Resident.
Skills Preferred
Portal Experience Parker, Honeywell or Boeing preferred