Job Details

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Technical Proposal Administrator
Job ID:00004HQD
Location:CA Goleta
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Pay:$30.00 $30.00
Great Opportunity Available in Goleta
Job Description
Read and analyze proposal request and formulate project plan with clear expectations of proposal objectives and team member responsibilities. Provide comprehensive writing and editing expertise to ensure accuracy and quality of response with input from internal subject matter experts, such as writing executive summaries and responses to specific questions and editing final document. Manage and conduct final printingproduction and delivery of proposal response. Manage proposal development schedule to ensure 100 on time delivery of all requests.
Skills Required
Excellent MS Word and Excel skills. Attention to detail and exp proof reading. Able to follow specific instructions. Able to edit, cut, paste, collate and organize technical documents.
Skills Preferred
Understanding or knowledge of technical language such as wireless devices, bandwith, and gigahertz measurement.