Job Details

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Loan Servicing Representative
Job ID:00004HFV
Location:CA Los Angeles
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Pay:$75,000.00 $85,000.00
Great Opportunity Available in Los Angeles
Job Description
Responsible for complete Loan Servicing for real estate loans Great company benefits, including a pension plan! Service Loans. Input new loans from origination file. Review loan file and input terms. Monthly payments processed and scanned. Deposit daily checks from borrowers. Send monthly payment statements. Monthly check to investors- Daily. Prepare ACH payments for management approval and prepare checks for management signature. Send ACH notification of electronic deposit to InvestorsCustodians. Correspond with escrow andor borrowers regarding payoff figurespayments. Prepare Reconveyances to be recorded upon payoff of loans. At the beginning of the year, sent 1098 and 1099 statements to borrowers and investors for interest paid and earned. Collections. Track and file late notices. Callemail borrowers regarding late payments daily. Mail weekly late notices to borrowers. Use judgement to escalate concerns to immediate Manager or to the Companys Chief Operating Officer. Insurance. Read and understand Property Fire Insurance. Track insurance notifications. Force place insurance on borrowers who let policy lapse. Monitor requisite insurance on properties. Call insurance companies regarding borrowers policy. Communicate to investors and property owners. Customer Service with Investors and Borrowers. Answer general questions investors and borrowers may have regarding status of their accounts. If special accommodations are needed, seek management approval. Property Taxes. Periodically, check county records to ensure payments are made andor borrower is on payment plan. Send notices to borrowers who have delinquent taxes bi-annually. Foreclosures. When loan is in default, prepare file for foreclosure proceedings upon management approval. Record Keeping. At the end of each months, scan all copies of checks sent. Ensure notices are filed in hard file and TMO.Replace back-up hard drive every day and at the end of each month.
Skills Required
5+ yrs exp in loan servicing. Understanding of payment processes, re-conveyances and property and fire insurance. Attention to detail, double checks work.
Skills Preferred