Job Details

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Security/Advanced Emergency Tech AEMT
Job ID:00004H7L
Location:UT Promontory
Hours:40 Full Time Day and Night Shifts Available
Pay:$28.00 $31.37
Career Opportunity Available in Promontory
Job Description
Produces employee and guest badges and identification cards. Processes security information and data for employment records, security clearances, and property control. Maintains lock and key records. Conducts and records inspections on fire suppression systems and equipment. Responds to, controls, and investigates security incidents. Conducts security patrols of buildings and property. Processes visit authorizations for employees and guests to gain access to restricted areas. Verifies accuracy of information prior to issuing clearances. Maintains controlled security documents and information. Maintains state AEMT Advanced Emergency Medical Technician certification and provides first responderemergency responder medical care. Maintains record of persons treated and prepares accident reports. Performs drug screens and processes samples maintaining strict chain of command protocol. Benefits include Shift Differential - BC shift receive 10 and D shift receives 11. 401K - up to 6 company match. First Choice Medical Clinic.
Skills Required
Must be state AEMT Advanced Emergency Medical Technician certified and maintain this certification. US Citizen.
Skills Preferred