Job Details

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Job ID:00004H6X
Location:CA Camarillo
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 730am to 400pm
Pay:$16.00 $17.00
Great Opportunity Available in Camarillo
Job Description
Reads work orders, follows production drawings and sample assemblies, or receives verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed. Ability to read and follow quality system procedures. Positions and aligns parts in specified relationship to each other in jig, fixture, or another holding device. Crimps, stakes, screws, bolts, rivets, solders, cements, press fits, or performs similar operations to join or secure parts in place. Mounts assembled components, such as transformers, resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and sockets, on chassis panel. Connects component led wires to printed circuit or routes and connects wires between individual components leads and other components, connectors, terminals, and contact points. Installs finished assemblies or subassemblies. Assembles and attaches hardware, such as caps, clamps, knobs, switches, screws, housings, end blocks and face plates to assemblies. Performs intermediate assembly tasks, such as sanding, cleaning, epoxy, bonding, stamping, etching, coding parts and assemblies. Tends machines that press, shape, or wind components parts. Adjusts or trims materials from components to achieve specified electrical or dimensional characteristics. Performs online go-not-go testing and inspection to ensure parts and assemblies meet production specifications and standards. Test, trouble shot and assemble circuit boards. Conduct stockroom control duties using inventory of electronic and mechanical, parts, cables, and screws. Prepping picking and kitting of components using parts list. Work on NMRS rework assemblies or other problems with products. Pull assemblies for sales orders as required. Packing product. Tracking on receiving logs of incoming parts needed for shortages for kits.
Skills Required
1 year certificate from college or technical school OR 3-6 months related assembly exp. Must be mechanically inclined and familiar with basic hand tools.
Skills Preferred