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Master Production Scheduler - CA or AZ
Job ID:00004H5B
Location:CA Chatsworth
Hours:40 Monday Friday 6AM to 230PM
Pay:$73,000.00 $83,000.00
Great opportunity in Chatsworth CA
Job Description
The Master Production Scheduler is responsible for developing the master production plan to satisfy customer demand while carrying minimum effective inventory. The qualified individual will be responsible for providing the plant with a monthly production plan consistent with the plant capacity and sales forecast. The Scheduler is responsible for determining the desired inventory levels for finished goods, including safety stock levels. The sales forecasts, new business opportunities, customer expectations, and internal supply constraints will be used to develop production plans, by month, for a rolling three month period. Strong collaboration with the Finance, Operations, Sales, Customer Service and Management will be critical to meeting business goals.Key ResponsibilitiesCreate a rolling 3-month Master Production Plan for designated products. Utilize the productioncapacity, taking into consideration the sales forecast, historical sales, and new businessopportunities. Analyze and identify risks associated with the options built into the Master Production Plan,including manufacturing lead times. Schedules emailed to the plants monthly. Perform supply - demand analysis each quarter, highlighting areas of concern for the next 12months. Make delivery commitments on products, which involve checking uncommitted materialand availability of capacity. Develop inventory targets and manage production to achieve targeted inventory levels on both acost and unit basis. Maintain finished goods inventory at target levels in ensure high service levels, i.e. productavailability. Project finished goods inventory levels on a quarterly basis. Achieve desired corporate inventoryturn targets. Identify and implement system and process improvements within the supply chain to enableoverall business process improvement. Further develop existing forecast and supply programs to improve current days of inventory andcash cycle. Improve forecasting tools and procedures through application of innov
Skills Required
BABS degree + 5 years or more of related experience or 10 years direct experience. Must be ITAR compliant. Experience using MRP ERP systems, especially Advance Planning Systems. Superior knowledge of all Production Control operations methods.
Skills Preferred