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Accounting Supervisor
Job ID:00004H48
Location:CA Woodland Hills
Hours:40 Exempt
Pay:$90,000.00 $100,000.00
Great Supervisor opporutunity in Woodland Hills
Job Description
Supervise our exceptional accounting team providing business services to our clients. Our midsize public accounting client is seeking a strong leader to grow the existing team 1. Adhere to the firms Quality Control Procedures and effectively superviseand train staff accountants and senior accountants in accordance withQuality Control Policies and Procedures.2. Assume responsibility for planning, supervising, keeping work on scheduleand completing engagements efficiently.3. Plan the timing and assigning of staff to engagements.4. Assist in training senior and staff accountants and offer guidance anddirection.5. Develop strong technical skills in their assigned areas.6. Review engagement work papers, resolve any problems.7. Efficiently supervise staff and senior accountants and paraprofessionalson engagements, including reviewing work papers and tax returns.8. Possess technical knowledge sufficient to supervise staff and senioraccountants, provide feedback and evaluate their performance.9. Assist in administrative functions as assigned by partners.10. Keep partners informed of important developments on engagementsanalyze problems and recommend solutions.11. Manage client accounts and recognize opportunities to provide additionalservices and planning opportunities to existing clients.12. Be responsible for billing, communicate details of fees to clients13. Proactively get work from clients, delegate, review, and make sure it getsto partners on time.14. Prepare other reports and projects as requested from time to time by thepartners.15. Develop at least one billable area of expertise, such as AA, Fiduciary,QB Consulting, Taxation of Real Estate, SALT, etc.16. Take on nonbillable firm administration responsibilities17. Be able to act on clients behalf IRS, bankers, creditors, etc.18. Optional -- Plan, coordinate, and efficiently supervise various phases offinancial statement engagements, including budgeting time, monitoringactual performance against budget, reviewing wor
Skills Required
Current and valid CPA, JD or EA license is required.5 plus years supervisory experience
Skills Preferred