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Teachers (Head Start 0-5)
Job ID:00004GKM
Location:CA Chatsworth
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 7am to 330pm OR 8am to 430pm
Pay:$22.00 $22.00
San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley
Job Description
Teachers will provide quality preschool services for children enrolled in the Head Start 0-5 which include the following responsibilities Plan, develop, and implement center services, ensuring daily operations of the center are successfully running from opening to closing, as well as planning and implementing developmentally appropriate services for children and families. Organize, schedule, and plan for all center activities. Develop and utilize the Creative Curriculum to provide age appropriate activities which may take place indoors andor outdoors, including activities in the classroom to enhance the growth of preschoolers in all developmental domains. Adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of all children including at risk, special needs, gifted, and culturally diverse populations. Provide age appropriate activities for childs growth in all developmental areas. Encourage guided experimentation, exploration, problem solving, cooperation, socialization, choices and ask open-ended questions. Establish weekly goals that promote individual and group educational plans that support school readiness and facilitates transition into Kindergarten. Partner with parent to provide care for all preschoolers, including feeding and diapering. In addition, provide respectful, responsive individualized plans which include Medical Care Plans for special diets, medical conditionsaccommodations and allergies. Partner with families to encourage experimentation, exploration, problem solving, cooperation, socialization, choices and ways to ask open-ended questions with their child. Provide and actively participate in all classroom and parent conferences, MDTM, home visits, IEPIFSP processes and meetings, weekly planning meetings, and center staff meetings. Develop, maintain, and implement knowledge of developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive practices, effective teaching strategies, Community Care Licensing, and DCFS regulations. Prepare classroom materials and learning
Skills Required
BA Degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development OR 24 semester units in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. 2 yrs exp working in a preschool setting.
Skills Preferred
Valid CPR Certificate or able to obtain within 30 days of hire. CTC Credential a plus.