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Legal Secretary - Litigation
Job ID:00004G0Q
Location:CA Santa Barbara
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 800am to 530pm
Pay:$60,000.00 $63,000.00
Great Opportunity Available in Santa Barbara CA
Job Description
Extensive calendar management using Outlook for assigned attorneys, including coordinating and scheduling meetings and appointments with multiple parties. Calendar management includes reporting tracking deadlines and other requirements to assure timely completion of all administrative, clerical and client projects and all other requirements. Proficient docket management utilizing the Calendar Slip to report case deadlines for entry in firm-wide calendar. Diligent and ongoing review of incoming emails to effectively monitor current project status and actively prioritize newly assigned projects. Instantly familiar with legal terminology, legal formats, basic civil procedure requirements and easily capable of accurately determining civil procedure requirements in any federal or state court and local jurisdiction. Timely and proficient e-filing with the courts and utilizing multiple resources to research procedures and preferences for e-filing in State and Federal Court. Accurate processing of client intake from conflict checks to generating new client or matter forms, to creation of client folders on the firm network server. Efficient use of various internet sites Secretary of State, County Recorders Office, etc. to research and obtain information related to asset discovery and property titles. Effective utilization of all technology and software available to efficiently perform essential duties and responsibilities such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Afinety Macro Suite, Form Builder, E-Copy or Workshare Compare, et al.. Perform a variety of word processing functions following written or oral instructions using Word, to draft, revise, format and finalize documents such as forms, contracts, agreements, correspondence, reports, numerical data, and tables and charts, pleadings, motions and briefs. Documents to be produced may originate as rough draft, scanned document, handwritten or corrected copy, recorded digital dictation, preprinted material, or previous version displayed
Skills Required
AA Degree. 3-5 yrs of current California Litigation exp. Familiar with eminent domain. Bright. Eager to learn. Maintain confidentiality of data and information. Understand legal filings.
Skills Preferred