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Demand Planning Analyst
Job ID:00004FLN
Location:CA Camarillo
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 800am to 500pm
Pay:$60,000.00 $80,000.00
Demand Planning Analyst needed in Camarillo
Job Description
The Demand Planning Analyst plays the lead role in ensuring that the product demand forecasts are aligned with the sales and operational strategies. The position will require cross-functional coordination across several groups, with an emphasis on partnering with Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance, to supports the SOP process and drive alignment. Assist in the monthly SOP demand planning monthly process resulting in an unconstrained demand forecast comprised of both qualitative and quantitative inputs via analysis of statistical modelling, sales and marketing forecast, application of market intelligence, site to site requirementssales orders and other internal external factors. Manage a regular forecasting process at both the detail and aggregated level and performs a monthly demand validation with the Commercial Sales team. Manage and effectively communicate monthly out of cycle forecasts, ensuring they meet the same requirements as the regular forecasting process. Ensure data integrity and quality by maintaining product attributes, analyzing data, identifying anomalies, seeking explanations and assisting in developing corrections to prevent reoccurrences. Work with Sales Operations to identify product or market trends as well as changes in observations. Work with Sales Marketing in understanding forecasting implications of activities and events and playing a key role in supporting a coordinated service level and inventory strategy with supply planning. Establishes and maintains forecast performance measurement and evaluation such as forecast accuracy bias as well as other established KPIs. Work with Marketing to monitor new product launches to ensure appropriate forecast and inventory strategies are in place. Work closely with Supply Chain to prepare for and participate in the monthly supplier forecast calls to effectively communicate sales forecasts and bulk product requirements to suppliers. Review forecasts, sales trends and strategies asses appro
Skills Required
3 years supply chain experience planningforecasting exp preferred. Able to develop actionable information from business data and to effectively explain results. Proficient in MS Office. High level of attention to detail and analytical capability.
Skills Preferred