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Electronic Assembly Associate II
Job ID:00004FJG
Location:CA Westlake Village
Hours:40 FT Mon Fri 630a330p w every other Friday off
Pay:$18.00 $20.00
Great opportunity in Thousand Oaks CA
Job Description
Assemble electronic components onto printed circuit boards PCBs according to specifications.Reads worksheets and wiring diagrams, receives verbal instructions, or follows sample assemblies, selects components such as transistors, resistors, relays, capacitors, and integrated circuitsTwists, bends, trims, strips or files wire leads of components or reams holes in boards to insert wire leads.Inserts color-coded wires in designated holes and clinches wire endsAbility to solder and assemble components previously described on PCB or equivalent from drawingPress fits component leads onto boardsRead drawings and capable of interpreting drawing diagram to mechanically assembly partsCapable of processing drawing details into executable action items and processesUnderstands basic mechanical operations tightening hardware with appropriate screw driver or wrench, hardware requirements screw with flat and lock washer where required, hardware description differences,
Skills Required
HSGED. 1 year of electronic assembly PCB boards, soldering, Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Stockroom experience - experience around parts mech components etc.
Skills Preferred
current J-STD-001 or NASA certification would be a plus