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Autoclave Technician
Job ID:00004DYK
Location:CA Camarillo
Hours:40 1st and 2nd Shifts Available
Pay:$13.00 $13.00
Great opportunity in Camarillo CA
Job Description
Perform Cleaning, Washing, Sterilization and Restocking of all equipment used by all Departments Production Solutions, Production Manufacturing, QC, RD and Engineering. This consists of glassware, tanks used for solution manufacturing, tubing used for filling process, pump assemblies used for filling, special cleaning of ATP contaminated parts andor stained parts by certain solutions used in the filling process. The clean and sterilized equipment are delivered by the Autoclave technician to the respective locations daily. They cut, package and sterilize pieces of autoclaved blue shield paper and aluminum foil pieces for Production Manufacturing of which are used during the filling process of many of the company products specifically sensitive type products. They support many different groups in Operations and each group is highly dependent on them doing an excellent job. Maintain prescribed Targets of sterilized components required by the Production Manufacturing department. Work Closely with Production Manufacturing Supervisor and Manager to ensure the required components are scheduled and processed timely to be sterilized to meet prescribed targets. Inventory control is critical for managing inventory, therefore, specific lot number information must be provided by Production Manufacturing to ensure we maintain excellent inventory control. To maintain specified Targets may require working overtime and weekends plus constant communication and coordination among the various groups to ensure sterilized components are always ready and available for use as required.Perform End of Day flush, sanitization, staging and dismantling of pump systems to assist Engineering department in this process after many of them have left for the day. Assist Production Manufacturing department to prepare and process honey dippers for pre-soaking, rinsing and sterilization plus checking and signing checklist. They collect purified water for final rinsing process of honey dippe
Skills Required
HS DiplomaGED. 0-3 years of experience working in a manufacturing environment and cGMP. Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint. Good written and verbal communication.
Skills Preferred