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Mechanical Assembler I - 1st Shift
Job ID:00004DY6
Location:CA Moorpark
Hours:40 Monday to Friday 600am to 200pm
Pay:$15.00 $15.00
Mechanical Assembler needed
Job Description
Responsible for providing assembly service to teams, departments other areas in the company. Assemble repetitive components having standard design and components with limited variation in denial. Follow diagram and written directions to assemble chamber using small hand tools such as knife, screwdriver, wrench and tap. Frame, measure, cut and glue foam board insulation to chamber frame. Assemble window channel which has been filed with fiberglass insulation into rectangular shape using pre-cut corner pieces to hold in place. Assembler doors using fiberglass insulation. Balance small motors and fan blade assemblies per instructions.
Skills Required
High school or GED. Able to read follow written instructions including blue prints and schematics. Able to use a tape measure or ruler to determine proper lengths of material to be cut. 1 year HVAC Refrigeration Electrical Assby exp or cert.
Skills Preferred