Job Details

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Software Engineer
Job ID:00004DK5
Location:CA Moorpark
Hours:40 Monday Friday 8AM 5PM
Pay:$90,000.00 $120,000.00
Great Career opportunity in Moorpark CA
Job Description
We are looking for a person with strong communication skills capable of directly interfacing with our customers to aid us in expanding the integrated appeal of our Test and Measurement product line with our chambers products. Responsible for process control programming and communications software from concept design to implementation and execution of software and electronic end products. Includes customer, supplier, and vendor interface. Development of process control software, communications protocols, instrumentation, and electronic devices for customer use with company products. Assistance with customer support calls related to software, instrumentation, and communications. Computer aided process control design, development, and programming of Watlow F4T and F4 Control systems. Liaison with company test and measurement suppliers to aid in integrating their products with company product and process control instrumentation.
Skills Required
BS in Electrical or Computer Eng. 5 yrs of exp in lab testing, process equipment, quality control, or industrialconsumer manuf. Proficient in LabVIEW, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript. Exp w electronic product testing. Electronic TestingMeasurement Equip.
Skills Preferred
Advanced studies or experience in control theory, programming, or computer communications is desired.