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Cell Assembly Technician - Day Shift
Job ID:00004DB5
Location:CA Camarillo
Hours:40 Monday Friday 500am to 500pm 3daysON4daysOFF
Pay:$17.00 $17.00
Cell Assembly Technician needed in Camarillo
Job Description
Sets up and maintains production equipment and materials to assemble product and manufacture the necessary Anode and Cathode components. Maintains production records and logs. Set up and maintain production equipment and materials in a clean, organized fashion. Follow written and verbal instructions to the letter. Using detailed process procedures to manufacture product. Mixing and processing of cathode doughs and powders. Drying, mixing, and dispensing of anode paste. Operating automated assembly line stations. Washing, sorting, measuring product. Maintain records and logs in a clear and organized method. Interact with a variety of company departments. Adjust to changing work requirements.
Skills Required
HS Diploma or GED. Manufacturing background and assembly skills required. Must have good math skills. Proficient in Microsoft office suite. Good written and verbal communications skills.
Skills Preferred
Chemistry background and assembly skills preferred to support both development and production of custom product.